Weight Mgt can best be explained as a plan to manage your “fuel supply.”  Having a plan will help you gain a true understanding of how your “fuel” choices impact your overall health and wellness. It is important to note that the food and drink you put into your mouth does impact how you think and react to all of the other factors that impact your health.

The natural weight mgt system that resides in our brain allows us to choose food, drink, vitamins, and supplements that serve as a source of fuel to power our daily efforts to work, sleep, play, relax, exercise love, and live life to its fullest. If you are not making good decisions on the right fuel choices, the outcomes could result in obesity, diabetes, poor blood circulation, increased pain, injury, disease, limited mobility and other negative impacts to the human condition that can cause other health related problems.

No matter what choices you have made in your past, you can take a stand and make today the first day of your new eHEALTH CAFE weight mgt program and start to make better choices with your fuel supply.

eHEALTH CAFE helps you do the things you have to do to live a healthy active lifestyle. The key is to give you the proper information so the decisions you make will be good decisions. You can start by learning what impact your current choices on fuel is currently making on your own health.

eHEALTH CAFE can play a vital role if your goal or desired outcome is good health. When you combine the power of these two key systems — your brain and the eHEALTH CAFE — you can write new GOALS and ACTION STEPS (instructions) and in the process, create a RoadMap to Success that is designed to promote new health-related activities & produce new results with better outcomes.

eHEALTH CAFE Personalized “Weight Mgt” Program can help you manage your weight, body mass index (BMI), balance, flexibility, strength, conditioning and mental and emotional health:

1)  Managing your weight will have a positive impact on your health and energy level
2)  Your ability to measure things you put in your body will have a positive impact on your longevity
3)  Good fuel choices can improve your ability to focus & complete projects and tasks
4)  Weight Mgt helps you manage your fuel consumption, energy level, quality of sleep & immune system
5)  Log in and list your goals & game plans so you can produce “best case scenarios” in your life
6)  Positive results come from planning, tracking, adapting & executing nutrition game plans

eHEALTH CAFE believes the human condition is one that operates best when it is functioning on all cylinders.

So, how do we get there? First and foremost, one must recognize that today is the first day of the rest of your life. What does that mean? There is nothing one can do about the past . . . except learn from it. We cannot change it. We can only see it for what it was. A wise woman by the name of Maya Angelou once said, “We did then what we knew then and when we knew better, we did better!” And that is the essence of clicking on all cylinders. As we go forward, let’s use to day to take the first step in a long journey towards getting healthy and staying healthy.

eHEALTH CAFE Weight Mgt Program helps process the data related to how your fuel choices impact your energy level and your ability to think.

– A new plan means new ideas and a new way of thinking.
– Must be able to modify the plan as needed
– Identify what foods/fluids gives you energy and at what cost
– Calculate the calories in each fuel source to insure proper amount of caloric intake
– Incorporating movement into your life is essential to good health
– Make the grocery list before you take the trip to the store
– Delete any unwanted actions that result in negative outcomes (alcohol, drugs, vices)
– Think about where you would like to be in 90 days. Start by creating a list of GOALS and ACTION STEPS in the eHEALTH CAFE