eHEALTH CAFE offers several specific programs designed to address very specific scenarios with regards to an individuals health and wellness. As you login to the DASHBOARD, you will see specific links along the top row depicting several areas of interest. These include nutrition, workouts, mental health, events, products and hot topics. Our professional trainers assist with building the game plans for specific GOALS like Sports Training, Weight Mgt, Pain Mgt, Flexibility, Balance just to name a few.

The Sports Training Center offers personal sport-specific game planning and instruction for all levels. Our programs are designed to help you succeed by first creating a strong game plan, set some goals and then fire off pin-point accuracy in the execution. Our approach uses science and technology to deliver sound training tips along with helping guide you through an advanced game plan preparation.

The Weight Mgt Center offers personal guidance and instruction to begin to change your dietary consumption. Our programs is designed to help you set some goals and then execute a sound game plan in refilling your cupboards and refrigerator with healthy items. Our approach uses calories and an understanding of the science of how proteins, carbohydrates, starches, fats and sugars affect the human body.

Our technology delivers the tools to begin tracking what you consume and what impact it has on your weight and your energy level.  Using sound nutritional tips along with a true understanding of both your goals and your behaviors can definitely help guide you through an advanced game plan preparation and execution phase.