eHEALTH CAFE Sports Academy offers personalized  instruction to athletes of all levels in most sports. Our Team of Coaches can help you succeed in any phase of your development from beginner to pro athlete with its proven, scientific approach to goal-oriented training.

eHEALTH CAFE Sports Academy technology allows you to monitor, track and evaluate your development, your performance and your ability in every phase of the game. This online training offers sport-specific training designed to help athletes succeed at every level.

eHEALTH CAFE Sports Academy will help you every step of the way with skill development, nutritional plans, development of a positive attitude, strength, conditioning, relaxation techniques, recovery workouts and more.

eHEALTH CAFE Sports Academy delivers digital instruction 24/7 365. Our programs are designed to help you succeed by first creating a strong game plan. Then you set some goals and then execute the plan with pin point accuracy. Our approach uses science and technology to deliver tracking, training tips and keys to success along the way. Our online virtual coach will provide the extra push you need to guide you through our advanced “game plan” preparation.

TPC Sports Academy is equipped with some of the finest sport-specific training tools on the market today. The techniques our coaches will teach you are those exact principles that led to pro careers, collegiate all conference seasons and local All-area performances. We’ll provide you with everything you’ll need to succeed in all facets of your training program. The hard work, dedication and consistent effort is up to you.

TPC Sports Academy offers individual, personal one-on-one training and small group training. Each program is designed to improve your skills and allow you to take advantage of the latest technology to take your game to whatever level you would like.

TPC Sports Academy helps each athlete achieve their true potential, both on and off the field. We’ll show you tools that when used properly, can help you play to the best of your ability. We’ll teach basic and advance skills in areas that matter most to the elite athlete. We’ll coach speed. We’ll improve your reaction time. We’ll make you a smarter player. We’ll improve your vision. Whatever your skill assessment identities as a strength, we’ll make it stronger and what ever shows up as a weakness, we’ll make it better. We can even prove the experts wrong and make you taller. or at the very least, we’ll have you playing taller.

TPC Sports Academy supervises your workouts and leaves you with a complete understanding of what it is going to take to improve. We’ll help you to identify and set your goals, monitor your progress and motivate you to accomplish even the most lofty goals.