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TPC designs Test Market for XEROX and it "Works Like a Charm"

TPC launches The Business Center for HILTON Flagship hotel.

TPC supports Jobs 4 Vets

TPC volunteers as an examiner for RMPeX Baldrige Award

TPC launches Inaugural
Colorado Corporate
Tennis Challenge

TPC volunteers at Food Pantry

TPC launches WebLOCKER

TPC now offers Cloud computing services


Our Sports Marketing department provides creative ideas on how your company could benefit from incorporating a sports program or a health and wellness event into their marketing mix. TPC can help develop that next great sports tie in now that you are thinking of what could be your next great event?

As you preview our Sports Marketing portfolio, you'll see that it includes some of the industry's top sports companies. From nutrition programs, sports event management, cyber casting services and tracking systems, we offer very unique and effective projects to make a positive impact on the health and wellness of our fellow Americans.

We will help make your event special when you see how we can incorporate sports into the main theme. We will inspire an active participation in a sport or activity and with our talented staff, be able to convert your good ideas into full-blown portfolio of new concepts, ideas and activities.

Our efforts to blend sports and marketing are designed to improve the performance of employees both in and out of the boardroom and also on and off the field.
















We invite to to join us as we continue to seek for the best way to live life and optimize your performance in whatever product or service you wish to engage your career in.

Let us help build your next full on impact where we blend a strong brand marketing program with a more open minded approach using digital electronics. We specialize in helping startups and young companies position themselves in the market in such a way as to optimize the use of technology to earn a customer's order and position oneself for growth today.

The nutrition puzzle is pretty simple really! We must consume somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 calories to power an all-star performance. We as Americans, have a tendency to overeat in an attempt to get the necessary fuel. We offer a quality line of vitamins, supplements and protein drinks to insure we get the proper amount of fuel without overeating. The benefit of our powered solutions is they add many of the vitamins and nutrients missing from a typical diet. The problem had been we were trying to consume enough food to actually ingest 2-3 thousand calories. This may explain the obesity thing that has surfaced in recent years. So, let's get back to basics. We must figure out a way to burn an average of 2,000 during a normal work day.




























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