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TPC helps Xerox launches Executive Presentation Pak

TPC partners with Hilton to launch Business Center @ new Hilton

TPC teams with United Airlines to train 62,000 employees

TPC creates eShow2000

TPC builds Fitness Zone 4 Kids

TPC Brings the World Together with CABA World Series broadcast.


The Performance Center has had the good fortune of working with many of our country's leading businesses. Having helped each organization move forward with their goals and objectives, I have consistently brought my youthful energy, business intelligence and a skill set that enables me to produce impressive results!

Clients want results and the positive results the TPC has produced over the years have been made possible by creating business-friendly relationships, developing a level of trust and then be able to communicate our ideas with the necessary marketing communications materials.

In the past, this usually meant coming up with a brochure, a web site, a business card, an ad campaign, a special event or a full-fledge all-out sales plan and all of the pieces to make sure the plan was a success. Now, with all of the changes in technology, our skill set has evolved and we have taken marketing communications to a whole new level. Our talents have become invaluable to companies who are looking to make the transition from old school to new school.

"The next time you get an idea and want to see if it can make money in the marketplace, give us a call and we'll deliver a solid business plans complete with new and improved technology designed to promote, market and sell your products and services.

We bring value to your business by allowing you to use the latest in digital technology, cloud computing, improved communication technologies and enhanced smart phone services. So, if your company needs more sales, we can help get you set up to win.

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