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TPC designs Test Market for XEROX and it "Works Like a Charm"

TPC launches The Business Center for HILTON Flagship hotel.

TPC supports Jobs 4 Vets

TPC volunteers as an examiner for RMPeX Baldrige Award

TPC launches Inaugural
Colorado Corporate
Tennis Challenge

TPC volunteers at Food Pantry

TPC launches WebLOCKER

TPC now offers Cloud computing services



Events offer you the ability to bring together multitudes of people for the greater good,. When you can network with others in your industry or area of interest, learn what's new in products and services, discuss policy and procedure matters, you can truly enjoy participating in an event.

TPC can help you create your very own special event. Once your event concept is defined, we use our marketing communications talent to create the digital message and materials to promote your event to a targeted group of influential decision makers. Our portfolio includes projects where we provide digital support for web pages, posters, postcards and other marketing materials.

Once we create your event, we will use over 25 different event management tools to market your event. Our expertise enables us to manage and promote events of all different sizes. We have helped local grocery stores help pass out coupons for an in-store product demonstration to selling internationally-acclaimed software designed to help manage web sites for international events like Candy Expo at Chicago's McCormick Place and the Int'l Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

Our effective digital communication service converts old-school printed sales and marketing collateral and innovative advertising promotional pieces includes creating high-quality, full impact brand marketing, we specialize in helping startups and young companies who seek to position themselves for growth in today's competitive marketplace.


When it comes to planning an event, understanding the goals and objectives are key to having a successful outcome. Planning requires identifying the target audience, the desired outcome and a series of activities both pre event and post event to pursue the final goals. We look forward to helping identify the next big event in your calendar and putting together the pieces to make sure it is an overwhelming success.


Promoting an event is key to getting people to attend and we bring years of experience to help get the word out. Effective event marketing takes a creative approach and tackles the challenge from a 360 degree perspective. We leave no stone unturned as we launch a comprehensive approach to marketing your event.


We offer a variety of ways to invite attendees to you event. We offer customized printed invites with maps, graphics and personalized instructions as well as online evites with automated RSVP and attendee lists.


Creating sponsorship programs to go along with your event can bring together key participants to help make the event even better than expected. Sponsors often times add to the final production and can help stir the pot with new ideas. Their fees can also help bolster attendance as the event can add some special events with the added funds.

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