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TPC designs Test Market for XEROX and it "Works Like a Charm"

TPC launches The Business Center for HILTON Flagship hotel.

TPC supports Jobs 4 Vets

TPC volunteers as an examiner for RMPeX Baldrige Award

TPC launches Inaugural
Colorado Corporate
Tennis Challenge

TPC volunteers at Food Pantry

TPC launches WebLOCKER

TPC now offers Cloud computing services


TPC is a technology-based consulting firm that is dedicated to providing you the "best in class" in technology. These products and services are designed to positively impact your company's bottom line.

TPC believes if your company can benefit from implementing new technology, we should provide you with those services. Our staff is committed to finding the best of the best and to implement those products and services to forge positive change in your company. TPC works with some of the finest companies in the industry. We strive to use only the finest service providers the industry has to offer in delivering our services.

Our solution-based concept begins by performing a TPC Technology Assessment. This one hour consultation allows us a chance to see how you are currently using technology to the following areas: communication, sales, marketing, production, inventory management, logistics and other areas that impact how you deliver your end product or service. And from there, we will submit a recommendation that we stand behind 100%. Our track record speaks volumes as we have over 1,000 satisfied clients and each had a slightly different need but we are able to customize the solution to fit your company perfectly!


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